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Environmentally Friendly
Many consumers recognise the need for environmentally sustainable products – products that do not leave residues or have a toxic effect on local waterways and landfills. Is your company aligned with your consumers’ expectations?
Effective Cleaning
You can be sure of safety and quality. Our Gaia line of carefully formulated products meets and exceeds the standards set by the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme from the Singapore Environment Council.
Make a Difference
Lead the green movement today through conscious action. A small and simple act such as changing your washing formula can make a big difference – positive change begins with you!


Today, many customers recognise the need for environmentally-sustainable products; products that do not leave waste residues or have a toxic effect on local waterways and landfills.  To meet this demand, SynTech has developed a range of environmentally improved products that are safe for the planet, and for the health of the people using them.

Green Label Singapore

When you use our line of carefully formulated Gaia products, you can feel proud that you are doing your best to protect the future of our planet, as well as meeting the high levels of performance demanded by your customers. You will also feel secure in the knowledge that every one of these products meets or exceeds the standards from Singapore Green Labeling Scheme – set up by the Singapore Environmental Council.

When your customers want the assurance of enjoying the benefits of a business that cares about the environment, you can rest safe in the knowledge that SynTech’s Gaia range meets that promise.


Gaia Clean

Liquid machine dishwashing detergent designed as a multifunctional product. Formulated with specialty polymers which prevent watermarks and soil-redeposition, Gaia Clean also coats the cutlery with a glossy finish. For best results, use in conjunction with Gaia Rinse.

Gaia Rinse

A low-foaming rinse additive that is introduced into the rinse cycle of the dish machine to promote faster drying of wares. For best results, use Gaia Rinse after Gaia Clean.

Gaia De-scale

A 2-in-1 liquid dishwashing de-scaling detergent, Gaia De-Scale can be used in automated dishmachines to both clean and rapidly remove lime and scale build-up and restore the stainless steel to its original shine.

Gaia Genie

Liquid manual dishwashing/multipurpose detergent designed to effectively remove oil and grease from wares and surfaces. Highly concentrated Gaia Genie provides cost savings from its low consumption rate and low foaming formulation.

Gaia Spray

Multipurpose cleaning and sanitising spray with ready-to-use convenience. Specialty polymers help repel soil and keep the surface clean for a longer time.

Gaia Glorious

Powerful oven cleaner Gaia Glorious easily removes greasy soils built up over a prolonged period of time. Contains no caustic and is non-corrosive, and thus suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including aluminium.

Gaia Briteline

Concentrated Gaia Briteline can be used in both soak cleaning as well as CIP operations. Its powerful blend of complex alkalis and nonionic surfactants are able to remove protein and oil, especially in operations that process soya-bean milk, bean curd, chocolate, ice-cream and dairy products.


Gaia Hi-Class

Perfumed floor cleaner which easily dissolves grease and removes soils from common hard surfaces. Its neutral pH means that Gaia Hi-Class can also be used on marble. Will not cause undue dryness and irritation to hands and skin.

Gaia Brilliant

Glass surface cleaner with fast-drying properties; effectively removes oils and grime from glass such as windows and mirrors. In addition to helping prevent re-deposition of soils for a longer period of time, Gaia Brilliant also leaves a shining surface without streaking.

Gaia Effortless

Carpet stain remover effortlessly lifts dirt, soils and stains from carpets leaving a pleasant, lingering scent. Gaia Effortless also promotes excellent soil repellence and removes common stubborn stains such as ballpoint pen ink, with ease. Its non-acid based formulation protects the tensile strength of the carpet fibres.

Gaia Prime

Hard surface cleaner provides excellent cleaning power and soil repellence, leaving surfaces shining and streak-free.

Gaia Robust

Liquid degreasing detergent Gaia Robust delivers uncompromising cleaning results even with its “green” ingredients, lifting oils and grease from surfaces with ease. Its non-corrosive formulation is safe for use on most surfaces.

Gaia Dazzle

Lime-scale deposits left behind by hard water will often cover taps and hard surfaces with an unsightly layer which is difficult to remove with ordinary detergents. Gaia Dazzle will remove such deposits, as well as water streaks on tubs and tiles. Furthermore, Gaia Dazzle will eliminate bad odours in bathrooms, leaving a clean and fresh environment.


Gaia Opti

A liquid laundry detergent which effectively removes grease and organic stains such as blood, ketchup, and curry. The mild blend of surfactants in Gaia Opti makes it safe to use on most fabrics, while its concentration means even the minimum dosage will provide powerful cleaning results, leaving a long-lasting pleasant fragrance after each wash.

Gaia Perfection

Powdered laundry detergent Gaia Perfection removes commonly found soils such beverage and sauce stains from most types of fabric, and also handles difficult soils such as blood, milk, soya sauce and egg yolk, leaving linen with a fresh, clean scent.

Gaia Sanidiance

2-in-1 laundry detergent and sanitiser removes a broad range of organic soils while sanitising the wash load. Easily removes common soils such as beverage and sauce stains. Ideal for commercial and hotel laundries.

Gaia Spot-Off

Liquid laundry spot remover easily deals with common stubborn stains such as pen ink, hair dye and blood, which regular laundry detergent cannot remove.

Gaia Serene

Specially formulated for washing baby laundry, Gaia Serene contains no harsh ingredients to irritate the tender and sensitive skin of infants and toddlers. Will impart a refreshing scent to the cleaned baby laundry.

Reduce Your Plastic Use… Bring Your Own Bottles For Refills

Do your part for the health of our planet, and reduce the use of plastic bottles by refilling your own bottles with household detergents and cleaners instead of purchasing new bottles.

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