At SynTech, we strive to understand every laundry’s needs, and therefore we have two ranges of products available: a powder range, and a liquid range.



Heavy-duty laundry builder containing strong alkalis to deal with linen that has been heavily soiled with grease and oils, and prevent its re-deposition on the linen. Ideal for setting the pH in a laundry wash formula.


Heavy-duty organic laundry bleach padded with pH buffers, for safe, effective and efficient stain removal. Ideal for removing chilli and soya sauce stains.


Powdered SynChlor is a safe buffered organic chlorine bleach: rapidly-dissolving, non-corrosive, and will not cause pin-holing of fabrics.


Laundry bleach that is safe on colours as well as whites. Ideal for guest laundry and coloured towels.


Economical, concentrated laundry detergent, safe for manual or machine wash.


Economical-grade laundry detergent, for superior cleaning power. Contains special optical dyes for a brightened finish. Ideal for lightly soiled washloads.


Guest laundry detergent designed for light soils found on guest laundry. Mild but powerful TexPlus may be used on a wide range of fabrics including cotton, polyester, etc.


100% active, powerful high-grade laundry detergent specially designed for commercial and hotel laundries dealing with heavy soiling.


Heavy-duty laundry detergent formulated from a synergistic blend of powerful hydroxyl solvents, biodegradable surfactants, and strong alkalis, specially designed to cope with difficult soils found on synthetic linen. Ideal for washing cooks’ jackets and other heavily-soiled F&B linen.


Non-caustic economical detergent designed for light industrial everyday stains, safe for manual as well as machine use.


Laundry detergent formulated to provide powerful cleaning properties, leaving clean linen with a floral fragrance. Will clear most organic soil, while eliminating wash residues. Safe for all varieties of fabrics.


Laundry detergent that uses naturally-occurring enzymes to “eat” away difficult soils and stains such as blood, milk, soya sauce, chilli and egg yolk from all kinds of fabrics including delicate coloured linen. May also be used as a carpet spotting detergent.


Rapidly neutralises all excess alkalis from the main detergent, reducing the number of rinses required to return the linen to a pH of 7.


Concentrated laundry softener in convenient and economical gel form; reduces wastage in non-automated dispensing systems. Easily dissolves in water; conditions and softens fabric as well.


Anti-chlorine compound removes residual chlorine from the bleaching process, returning linen to its natural hue.


Pre-cooked laundry starching powder provides a rapid starching solution in a minimal amount of time.


These products can be used in conjunction with computerised chemical dosing dispensers which eliminate the handling of chemicals by staff, to ensure consistent laundry results. Detergent waste will be kept to a minimum whilst staff productivity will increase.


Liquid laundry detergent with a high pH and built-in optical brighteners, Solex-L is able to lift off difficult soils from linen, but at the same time, provide results that are “whiter than white”.


Liquid laundry builder, Prise-L creates an optimal pH of 10.5 to 11.0 within a chemical wash program, to maximise the performance of your laundry detergent.


Liquid oxygen bleach that is safe to use on both colours and whites.


Laundry liquid chlorine bleach, ideal for washing white linen such as bedsheets and pillow-cases.


Liquid laundry souring agent, designed to remove excess alkalis from the main wash, ensuring a rapid return of the linen to pH 7.


Quartenary liquid laundry softener, with the added advantages of water and stain-resistant properties, reducing the drying time required, especially for towels and guest linen.


Laundry sanitising liquid eliminates both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and imparts a residual film which will carry on destroying harmful germs on contact. LaunBac is also able to remove odours caused by bacteria infestation.



A laundry emulsifying agent, Rid digs into embedded soils and dissolves it from the linen. Ideal for towels, cooks’ jackets and industrial overalls. For best results, use in conjunction with Solex.


Heavy-duty laundry emulsifying liquid designed to remove the hardest of ingrained soils. Ideal for laundries processing linen from F&B outlets, engineering companies, and industrial plants.


Removes inorganic stains from all fabrics except glass and metallic linen.

Spa E

Environmentally- and human-friendly Spa-E removes organic contaminants such as oils, waxes and solvents from linens, by emulsifying the soils and stains.


An economical liquid rust remover, formulated from powerful acids; can be used on commercial linen.

Syntech CSR

Syntech’s all-purpose spotting chemical. Able to remove a wide variety of stains from linen.


Pre-laundry treatment for collars and sleeve-cuffs where stubborn stains build up. Formulated to seep into the strands of the linen and loosen the most stubbornly embedded soil.


Laundry marking solvent for ink marking equipment.

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