Food Industry

Food Industry



Chlorine based products

Uniquely designed, pink-powdered Quaser is a triple-action product that cleans, sanitises and deodorises in one step. Ideal for CIP operations as well as soak cleaning or for foot baths etc.
Alkaclean S
An alkali cleaner with a built-in chlorine sanitiser. Ideal for hard surface cleaning such as walls, floors and stainless steel equipment.

A chlorinated foam cleaner, to be used in conjunction with Syntech’s foam dispenser or a foam gun. Cleans and sanitises as the foam creeps into difficult-to-reach areas.

Veg Wash C

Fruit and vegetable liquid sanitiser with chlorine to kill 99% of bacteria, and special alkalis to flush out hiding insects and other small organisms. Food-safe.


A food-grade powdered chlorine sanitiser, Sani-Klor is effective over a wide range of applications in food processing plants. Its low-foaming properties furthermore make it ideal for use in all CIP operations.


Syntech’s liquid chlorine-based sanitiser, to be dispensed via our automated dilution dispensers. Contains built-in stabilisers to maintain chlorine strength.

QAC based products

Synquat is powerful in its ability to eliminate a broad spectrum of both gram positive and gram negative bacteria rapidly and effectively, making it ideal as a general-purpose kitchen sanitiser, in area sanitation programs, or for soaking detachable machine parts. Furthermore, Synquat needs no rinsing.
Veg Wash Q
Use Veg-Wash Q for fruits and vegetables that will be served raw. Will not bleach food or leave any residual odours, and requires no rinsing after use.
X-Tra / X-Tra Plus
A 2-in-1 cleaner and sanitiser, X-tra is neutral in pH and can be used on any surface.

X-Tra Plus is a non-perfumed version of X-Tra.

Class B

A multi-purpose perfumed cleaner that also kills bacteria at the same time.

Alcohol based products


A spray-on sanitiser that evaporates within minutes; ideal for use on surfaces that cannot be wet, or when air-drying is not an option.


Contains a lemon perfume and skin conditioners. For hands only.


Syntech 88

This food-grade CIP cleaner removes the most stubborn of organic soils from complex piping systems such as those found in dairies, breweries, bottling plants and snack food industries, as well as processing industries such as canneries, bakeries and meat processing plants.

Proteus 45

Alkali CIP cleaner, designed specifically to remove tough protein and organic soils within a CIP system. Rapidly and effectively removes milk-stone and other protein remnants; especially effective over a wide variety of contamination.

Syntech 20

Low-foaming alkali-based detergent. Does not require a poison licence under Singaporean guidelines.

Syntech 30

Formulated to rapidly dissolve away oily food remains within the CIP system, Syntech 30 is an effective, economical detergent.


A versatile food processing alkaline cleaner for use in either CIP systems or in soak cleaning operations. Removes high levels of protein and oil, especially in soya-bean processing, chocolate and ice-cream manufacturers and dairies.

Acidic detergents


This neutralising and descaling liquid rapidly removes lime and scale build-up, and at the same time returns the CIP system to a neutral pH.


Concentrated acidic detergent Tempest removes the most stubborn of protein and inorganic soils. Can also be used as a spray or soak cleaner in other areas of the facility. Its high concentration means only low dosages are needed, making it economical too.



Chlorine-based, pink-powdered Quaser can be used for soaking small machine parts and removing stains from crockery and cutlery.

Oxy Clean

Hydrogen peroxide-based Oxy Clean effectively kills bacteria in CIP systems.



Heavy-duty alkali cleaner instantly dissolves hardened, baked-on carbon and oil stains from hard surfaces such as floors and stainless steel equipment.


Heavy-duty oven and grill cleaner removes tough, baked-on oils and grease commonly found on grills, ovens, boilers, fryers etc.


General purpose food-grade alkali cleaner designed to melt away oils and grease from floors, walls and processing equipment.

Nutra TP

Concentrated neutral cleaning detergent that is safe to use on all hard surfaces.



Urinal and toilet bowl cleaner Urex is able to remove unsightly uric acid soil and eliminate bacteria found within.


Hand cleanser and sanitiser leaves soft, supple skin and at the same time removes bacteria from hands and skin.


An alcohol-based hand sanitising gel.


Pine disinfectant that cleans, deodorises and disinfects wash rooms, drains and compactor areas. Strong pine odour discourages insect infestation.


A gel form of Terpine, Jel-Pine encourages economical use without wastage from over-pouring.


Installed at the appropriate locations, Ozonators are able to keep air-borne bacteria in check. Also helps to remove foul washroom odours.

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