Wherever your biggest customers are from – healthcare, hospitality, or lifestyle – their expectations of spotless linen have to be matched by the spotlessness of your reputation. Our expertise in the laundry industry spans over 50 years, so we appreciate the complex range of challenges you face, from the roughest and toughest of soils, to the most delicate silks.

Apart from the detergents being used, there are a multitude of factors that can affect wash results. So we make it our business to understand every stage of the laundry process, to better help you trouble-shoot, problem-solve, and work with you through every stage of your operation and the potential challenges you may face.

Do you have the right water quality?
The key to good washing results lies in the quality of the water being used for your laundry Water, a universal solvent, often contains trace amounts of minerals that will affect the quality of the washing results.

SynTech’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory is able to identify the minerals and impurities in your wash water, that can contribute to adverse results. This will enable our sales consultants to devise the correct detergent formula to counteract the impurities in your wash water, and optimise your wash results, ensuring your whites stay white, and your colours, vibrant.

GET MORE INFORMATION on the liquid laundry system – for a consistent, accurate and fully-automated process that reduces waste and reliance on manpower.

Laundry Products

Water Analysis

Water sampling, analysis and consultancy is another service we provide, and we guarantee swift and accurate results with our state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and tightly controlled test conditions.

We offer tests for:

  • Total hardness
  • Acidity / alkalinity
  • CI2 concentration
  • O2 level
  • QAC level
  • Total dissolved solids
  • pH value
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